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I think many people are planning a trip for summer vacation.

I think many people are planning a trip for summer vacation. My family wants to go on a domestic trip this summer. Ise Shima is recommended travel destination in Japan. Our family plans to go to Ise Shima this summer. There are lots of delicious food and sightseeing spots in Ise Shima! My best recommendation is thanks to you. Okage yokocho is not a theme park, so there is no need for admission fee, perfect for people who want to enjoy traveling without spending money! Typical buildings of Ise Road from Edo to Meiji have been relocated and reproduced in the premises of Okage Yokocho about 2700 tsubo, and you can also enjoy the taste of Mie's well-established store and specialty items. What I want to eat when going to Ise Shima is Ise Udon, Muaya Oyster, Ise Shrimp and so on. Especially Ise Udon is a regional cuisine that only exists in the land of Ise, which is charming black black sauce and thick noodles. I also eat it when I go to Ise. There are also other spots that children can enjoy, such as Shima Spa Village and Toba Aquarium. Now that the highway has become 1000 yen and domestic travel became easier, I want to go to various places with my family!

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